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Our Team

SHOKO NISHIO |Bianco E Rosso(ビアンコエロッソ)

SHOKO NISHIO is the model producer. She is a specialist for introducing Japanese model to world-stage, she has some clients in Millan and Paris. She have many good connection between her and Milan, Paris,and New York city agencies. Anytime, she keep an eye on new fashion city around the world. These day, she is developing the market around  the Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Producer / TOKYO

Schoko Niscio

AKI |Bianco E Rosso(ビアンコエロッソ)

AKI is a staff of the Bianco e Rosso Osaka branch. Also she is a trading company's CEO. She has a lot of connection about agencies since she is also professional ball room dancer, opera soprano singer.



MAYU |Bianco E Rosso(ビアンコエロッソ)

Mayu MORIMOTO is a consultant for Japanese artists and models based in Paris. She organises wedding and fashion shoots, as well as coordinates artist exhibitions through her connections, experiences at the Japanese Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology.

 Having an educational background in marketing consultancy in Luxury Fashion Business from a business school MBS in Paris, she now works for Bianco e Rosso as a consultant and producer.



AI |Bianco E Rosso(ビアンコエロッソ)

AI is a staff of Bianco e Rosso Tokyo branch. She started her career as a model when she was a student of University of Tokyo. After she retired modelling and experienced some other occupations, she is back in this business.



SALLIEE |Bianco E Rosso(ビアンコエロッソ)

Salliee is a manager of Kyushu in mostly Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures. She has a background in modeling, appeared in a television commercial, won the Grand Prix beauty competition, and a calligraphy-art contest!  She lived abroad in the the United States for many years starting when she was 14 years old. She is well versed in fashion, music, ballet and much more.


S. Salliee Fukushima

AYANO |Bianco E Rosso(ビアンコエロッソ)

Ayano was a model from the age 13years old to 23years old after retiring she then became a modeling agency manager.

She is now the fonder and Co-CEO of THE CONNECTION CO.,LTD Modeling & Casting agency in Okinawa, Representing Japanese and foreign Male and Female models for commercial print, high fashion, runway, and on-camera work.

Ayano not only provides the client with talent, she also offer professional consultation service for all promotions, events, casting and crew interpretation and translation.


Ayano Donnerlly

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